People's Limbo in RMB City  (3' 28" excerpt)

2009 / machinima / 20mins

“People’s Limbo” is a new series of interactive, experiential activities that take place in Cao Fei’s RMB City, a fantastical community in the vast virtual world of Second Life. A reaction to the global economic crisis, the project is an exploration of the feelings of despair, denial, and loss of control that accompany financial catastrophe, as well as the simultaneous potential for progress toward rebirth, self-reliance, and freedom. 


Lehman brothers: In my 158 -year long life, freedom and economics have always bothered me. 

Marx: To be frank, your idea of freedom has gradually drawn out human being's unsatisfiable endless desire.

Lehman brothers: But without desire, the world becomes so boring.

Lao Tsu: too much color can make your eyes blind; too much sound can make your ears deaf.

Marx: Your eyes can only see money.

Mao: One must devote oneself to the stream of self-aware improvement of the self and the world.

Lehman brothers: Now my life is ove and everything turns into zero.

Marx:  You dug your own grave.

Lao Tsu: If you empty the self and relax your desires, you will know more clearly where you are heading.

Mao: Development is the unification of contradictions, Crisis is the signal of a restart!

Lao Tsu: From the Daoist point of view: The Dao is nothing, but also everything.

Lehman brothers: Take all this as a journey in the "Limbo of Life".