Imbalance 257  (4'37" excerpt)

1999 / video / 26mins 

It is the typical stance of this generation, with its sensitivity and impulse, to try to blur the boundaries of all existing criteria and truths, to turn seemingly rationality into absurdity, and to mock at the given reality and the "legal" matters: either the systemor those who drag on with their lives under the system. I owe my courage to the restless adolescence that compels me to tear away any existing rules which block the way to our inner reality. Imbalance is an experience naked to us, an experience that might not be popular among Chinese college student today. It restricts us, transforms us, and forces us to expand and to change. It is the formula of a chain of events, the decease of adolescence, the edge of personal relationship, and the intermedium between bliss and despair.