Hip Hop: Fukuoka (2'19" excerpt)

2005 / video / 8mins 

Hip Hop Project:  Happiness of the Unhappy

Common-placed HipHop. Proletarian HipHop. Non-youth HipHop. Non-trendy HipHop. 

HIP HOP is a music which humorously expresses negative energy, it is popular yet it is belongs more to the public; Hip Hop comes from the street, from the lower class, it is marked by proletarian. 

HIP HOP is a kind of accusation, is a means to express one' s depression and refers to social reality. HIP HOP Project, endeavors to combine HIP-HOP with different cultures and to give HIP-HOP realistic meaning, to let HIP-HOP that comes from the common go back to ordinary people, go back to doubting and questioning reality.  Hip is butt, Hop is a move. Hip Hop is the dance of moving one' s butt. 

HIP HOP Project makes everyone (not only the young ones) interpret Hip Hop through their bodies, feel and relieve in Hip Hop and outline the true contour of a city.